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How truckers can stay safe this winter in Georgia

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2022 | Traffic Violations |

Ice or snow covering a Georgia road or highway is relatively rare. However, you may encounter slick roads if your routes take you through multiple states during the winter months. It’s also possible that you’ll experience extreme weather, such as a blizzard or freezing rain, during your travels. Therefore, you must understand best practices for staying safe while driving a commercial vehicle during this unpredictable time of year.

Know what to expect

A simple check of the weather forecast before starting a run may minimize your risk of getting into a crash. If you expect to drive during periods of rain, snow or fog, you can leave early to give yourself more time to reach your destination. Giving yourself more time to get to a destination means you can drive slower, increase your following distance and otherwise drive in a manner that benefits existing road conditions.

Know your limits

Your life is more valuable than even the most expensive load that your employer asks you to carry. Therefore, if you don’t feel comfortable traveling on a given roadway, tell your boss that you will stay where you are until conditions improve. A good manager will accept that you don’t control the weather and would rather a load be late than not arrive at all because you were involved in a truck accident.

Keep your truck in good condition

The risk of an accident is much higher if your truck has poor tires, poor brakes or a windshield covered by snow and ice. It’s also essential that the lights work correctly and that the heater can prevent frost from accumulating on interior surfaces.

An accident involving a commercial vehicle may result in significant injuries and death to those inside the large truck or a passenger vehicle. There is also a chance that items inside a truck or passenger vehicle may be damaged or destroyed. In addition, crash victims might be entitled to compensation if the accident resulted from truck driver negligence.