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Protect Your Freedom When Facing Criminal Charges

Whether charged with a misdemeanor or felony, there is no charge so inconsequential that representing yourself or simply pleading “guilty” without considering the consequences is a good idea. Even if you serve no jail time, you may be faced with heavy fines, loss of your right to drive or own a gun, or other restrictions on your freedom. Some charges, such as sex offenses, carry a stigma that can permanently damage your career or community standing.

W. Bartlett Barnwell, P.C., has served criminal defense clients in northwest Georgia for over 25 years. He has practiced in state and federal courts and is committed to seeing every case he takes all the way through. He understands that your criminal case can change rapidly at any point in the process – from arrest to sentencing – and he is available to clients by mobile phone 24/7. He looks for solutions to your specific circumstances and charges and always fights for the best possible outcome.

Experienced In Multiple Types Of Criminal Cases

Mr. Barnwell has produced positive results for clients charged with both misdemeanors and felonies. He frequently represents clients charged with the following:

Our firm’s many years of experience in handling criminal defense means we are efficient in our representation. This results in affordably priced legal fees for you. We believe everyone should have access to quality legal help, and we price accordingly.

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