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The consequences of traffic violations on a CDL

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2022 | Commercial Driver's Licenses, Traffic Violations |

Securing a Commercial Driver’s License can put a truck driver on the road to a high-paying career. However, with that designation comes a responsibility to operate the vehicle with high safety standards while abiding by road rules.

While avoiding a moving violation or two is difficult over a lengthy tenure, multiple infractions can put the CDL at risk of suspension or revocation, sidelining or ending a career. Even driving a standard car designated for personal use, traffic tickets can still go against the professional license.

State-by-state and nationwide penalties

Individual areas vary in the number of pounds assessed. However, CDL violation points are similar state-by-state.

  • Three points – Driving one to ten miles per hour above the speed limit
  • Four points – Driving 11 to 20 mph above the posted speed limit
  • Six points – Driving 21 to 30 mph above the speed limit
  • Eight points – Driving 31 to 40 mph above the limit

Truckers traveling nationwide should know that Virginia is infamous for its strict enforcement of speeding laws. Twelve points in a twelve-month period or 18 points over two years could result in automatic suspension.

Conversely, Texas is considered lenient when it comes to CDL moving violations. Speeding citations, regardless of miles-per-hour over the limit, are two points. Four points within a 12-month span or seven in 24 months can lead to suspension and subsequent sidelining.

A more thorough violation listing associated with carelessness comes from The Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA). One safety violation resulting from improper freight hauling can result in the powerful entity suspending a CDL. From three points for failure to dim headlights, lane restrictions, and other defects to 10 points for an out-of-service vehicle with an expired inspection sticker or other deficiency.

The hard work that went into securing a CDL can be undone in one split second. Longtime careers are at stake, requiring the help of a skilled and knowledgeable attorney committed to keeping truckers traveling roads throughout the country.