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Can I still drive after a CDL suspension?

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2022 | Commercial Driver's Licenses, Traffic Violations |

If your CDL holder’s license has been suspended, your ability to drive is restricted. This means you cannot drive a personal vehicle or any vehicle in the CMV classes for which you were previously licensed. However, you may be able to qualify for a limited driving permit. You can receive the permit during your suspension period. The permit will restrict where you can drive or the reasons you are permitted to drive. If you’re a Georgia resident and have recently experienced a license suspension, here are some things you should know about your CDL defense case.

Driving with a limited permit

If you receive a limited permit during your CDL defense case, you are allowed to drive to work and perform the normal duties of your job, even if this means traveling to more than one location during the workday. The permit also allows you to drive to a medical facility for treatment or to pick up prescribed medication.

You can also use the permit to drive to your educational institution to attend classes if you are a student there. You’ll also be able to drive to support meetings for the treatment of harmful substances such as alcohol and illicit drugs. The permit also allows driving to your driver education program. If you need to attend court, take unlicensed family members to school, work, or doctor’s appointments, you can do so with the permit.

Additional DDS regulations

While your CDL defense case is pending, the DDS may further dictate where you are permitted to travel, which travel routes you can take, the times you can travel, and whether you are restricted from driving state vehicles.

Your permit is not valid for driving a commercial vehicle. Your permit will also be revoked if you violate any state laws, violate the conditions of your permit, or receive another suspension.