Our Services

At W. Bartlett Barnwell, Attorney at Law, we believe that providing a range of legal services makes our representation better. It means that we can help clients whose needs are not limited to one area. To that end, we help clients whose needs include:

  • Criminal defense. Common charges include meth- or marijuana-related drug offenses, child molestation, statutory rape and theft.
  • Traffic violations. Tickets may seem like a small thing, but the consequences can have a serious effect on things like your insurance rates and driving record.
  • DUI/DWI. Whether your charge is related to drugs or alcohol, we will work to protect your freedom.
  • Family law. Family matters can be complex: Divorce, child custody, spousal support and more can all cause tension. We can solve your issues.
  • Personal injury. After being in an accident, you deserve compensation from the person who is at fault.
  • Probate/estate administration. A skillful lawyer can make the probate process go as smoothly as possible.
  • General civil litigation. Issues between individuals sometimes require litigation. Mr. Barnwell is experienced in civil litigation and will work toward a favorable resolution.

Mr. Barnwell is experienced in all these areas, having practiced law for more than two decades. Additionally, we serve clients not just in Dalton, but throughout northwest Georgia. You can trust that we will work with commitment and dedication to solve your matter with efficiency.

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To schedule an appointment with Mr. Barnwell and see what our firm can do for you, call our office at 706-770-6459. You can also send us a contact request through our online form.